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Who We Are

Our Identity & Mission

We are a benedictine parish in the English spiritual tradition. Our mission is to love God, to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to make Christ known in Gallatin.


We seek to accomplish our mission through obedience to the Threefold Rule of Holy Church: Daily Offices, Holy Eucharist, and Personal Devotions


Our Values

We value obedience, stability, hospitality, and conversion of life. We value daily prayer, and our identity is rooted in the Liturgy. We model ourselves after the Upper Room as told in the Book of Acts: a group of people gathered for love of Jesus and in obedience to His command, devoted to prayer, the breaking of bread, and the teaching and fellowship of the Apostles. We seek to share that love of Christ with the world.

Our History & Building

The first mission of the Episcopal Church in Gallatin was organized in 1881. More than a century later, the parish Church of Our Saviour stands as resilient as ever. During that 138 years, the church encountered struggles and hardship; sometimes it disappeared completely, only to reappear years later. Our story, therefore, is a story of struggle for survival and of our eventual triumph through the power of the Holy Spirit. Today, we are a faithful and prayerful congregation, worshipping God in the great tradition of the Church, and serving our community out of love for God.

Upper Room Icon.jpg
(The Upper Room, Aidan Hart)
Main entrance to Our Saviour

The Episcopal Church

If you’re not familiar with The Episcopal Church, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Below are a few trademarks to help start your pilgrimage to Canterbury. 

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Most Recent Sermon

June 2 - A Spiritual Sabbath: A Rest from Sin - Fr Jacob


The Rev. Jacob A Bottom

Fr. Jacob accepted the call to serve Church of Our Saviour in October 2017. He trained at Dallas Theological Seminary and Nashotah House Theological Seminary. He met his wife Gina while living in Dallas and they have been married since 2013. 

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